Creating the Mad Tea Party in PowerWash Simulator’s Upcoming Alice’s Adventures Special Pack


  • The new Alice’s Adventures Special Pack contains five new levels, 10 achievements, and new cosmetics.
  • The Mad Tea Party is a one-of-a-kind level where you’re tiny — you’ll return to normal size in the other levels.
  • The Alice’s Adventures Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on July 2, 2024.

Get ready to take a trip to the topsy-turvy, terribly dirty realm of Wonderland in the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator, launching July 2, 2024, for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The new Special Pack contains five mind-bending new levels, 10 achievements, and psychedelic cosmetics for your character and power washer.

Together with Sam Jenkins from FuturLab’s design team, who oversaw the design of this level, we’re excited to give you this exclusive first look at the Mad Tea Party job from the Special Pack, which is our first real venture into experimenting with player character scale.

Start small, wash big

The Mad Tea Party is the fourth job in the Alice’s Adventures mini-campaign. In this level, you’ll power wash an extremely mucky table following the infamous soirée. Sounds like a quick job, right? Not quite.

PowerWash Simulator - Alice's Adventures Screenshot

For the first time, we’ve experimented with the scale of the player character. You’ll be shrunken down to the size of a spoon and tasked with cleaning cakes and crockery twice your height (and then some). Our community have long asked for a level like this, and the Mad Tea Party seemed like the ideal opportunity to bring this idea to life.

“We had the idea to make use of how characters in Wonderland often change their size by drinking potions to shrink the player character,” explains Jenkins. “To make a level like the Mad Tea Party a satisfyingly paced experience, we had to be very careful with what scale we wanted everything to be compared to the washer. To do this, we experimented with a few early block outs to find that sweet spot where all the washable objects on the table were the perfect mix of fun and challenging.”

Does that make sense? No? Good!

PowerWash players have always loved the way the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and we embraced this in the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack. There’s a real emphasis on the theme of nonsense that “Alice in Wonderland,” and Carrol’s work, is known for. This meant we could bend some rules that we usually stick to in PowerWash Simulator. For example, cleaning food!

PowerWash Simulator - Alice's Adventures Screenshot

“In the past, we’ve never washed food in PowerWash Simulator, as food is just not something anyone would realistically ask you to wash. But in the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack, we’re in Wonderland, and Wonderland isn’t meant to make sense!” says Jenkins. “I wanted to have food in this level because players likely won’t be able to wash it in any other PowerWash Simulator level. It also feels in character for the Mad Hatter to have the player wash his food, with no thought to if it’d be edible or not after!”

Creating a Tablescape

The entire job takes place on the tabletop, so we set about creating themed props and incidentals, from hourglasses to teapots, that create a fun, explorable environment for a miniature power washer.

“We also put a lot of thought into how the player could traverse around and parkour up and on objects like the Mad Hatter’s hat, candelabra, teapot and Cake Stand plates,” adds Jenkins. “So we made sure they were purposefully placed in a way that allows players to climb on them without equipment and jump between them!”

PowerWash Simulator - Alice's Adventures Screenshot

Another unique design philosophy for this pack was the steer towards maximalism that really sets it apart from the base game. Opulent, eccentric and busy prints lie beneath the muck, making for super-satisfying reveal with every pass of the washer.

We can’t wait to see you polish off a plate so clean, your nanny would be proud in this job. And if you’re hungry for a second serving, there’s always Free Play mode!

“I’m really excited to see players reactions to this pack,” concludes Jenkins. “It has lots of humour in the story and the dirt, lots of really satisfying and quirky environments to explore and lots of nods to the original Alice story I think people will appreciate.”

Go down the rabbit hole on July 2, 2024, when the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack releases on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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