Enjoy Big Savings During the “Call of the Wild Fest” Sale, Live Now

Hello, Xbox community!

We’re excited to announce that now through June 25, you can enjoy big discounts on our popular outdoor simulation games, theHunter: Call of the Wild and Call of the Wild: The Angler.

Whether you want to cast your line from your favorite fishing spot in theAngler, hunt some of nature’s most majestic animal species in theHunter, or do both, now is the perfect time to jump in and experience everything the beautiful (digital) outdoors has to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these two games unique!

Discover an Atmospheric Hunting Game Like no Other

theHunter offers a different kind of experience. Find yourself in expansive open-world environments, carefully stalking the diverse wildlife that the base game and Reserve DLCs offer. Each species has distinct behaviors and tracking patterns, making the hunt challenging and rewarding. Track and hunt large and small game using a variety of weapons and techniques, completing missions, and tackling various challenges.

CotW screenshot
Pay close attention to your prey’s behavior and surroundings as you line up your shot.

In our newest reserve, Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve, you’ll get to navigate the lush Rhododendron forests of Nepal while keeping an eye – and an ear – on the stealthy Bengal Tiger.  The game also features a realistic weather system and time cycles, adding to the realism and affecting animal behavior. Whether you prefer going solo or hunting with friends in cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes, there’s plenty to keep you engaged.

CotW screenshot
Be extra vigilant as you explore the new Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve. You never know who’s watching you from the shadows…

Enjoy the Challenge of the Catch and the Freedom to Explore in Call of the Wild: theAngler

Welcome to a fishing experience that brings the relaxing yet exciting world of angling to life. Explore vast, open-world locations with stunning rivers, lakes, and ponds, each teeming with a variety of legendary fish species that have their own behaviors and habitats. The game has immersive fishing mechanics and stunning natural environments, complete with dynamic weather and day-night cycles that affect how fish behave.

CotW screenshot
Enjoy the waterside’s peace and quiet or rise to the challenge of catching a Legendary fish.

Whether you’re competing with friends, mastering different fishing techniques – such as extending your baiting reach with help of the new remote-controlled angling companion, the LakePal Bait Boat[– or customizing your gear, there’s always something exciting to do. You can choose to play solo or team up with friends in the cooperative multiplayer mode and enjoy the serene waters together.

CotW screenshot
Extend your baiting reach with the LakePal Bait Boat. A must-have accessory for any pro angler!

Join our Welcoming Community

Whether you’re casting your line in the tranquil waters of theAngler, or tracking your next big game in theHunter, the games truly shine when you play it with others. Join the community, give and receive tips and tricks, and meet with fellow Hunters and Anglers. Plus, share your feedback with the development teams!

Happy hunting and fishing!


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