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Experience the Iconic Nordschleife in Forza Motorsport Update 5

Race the epic Nordschleife in the Ringer Tour featuring truly iconic German performance cars.

Bring your favorite cars to the Nürburgring and put them to the ultimate Time Attack test – the epic 20.8-kilometer Nordschleife track comes to Forza Motorsport in Update 5, free to all players.

Meanwhile, the Ringer Tour introduces you to the cars that German manufacturers have perfected within their performance-focused divisions.

Game Fixes & Release Notes

Forza Motorsport Update 5 rolls out for download from 10:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM UTC on Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam with the Nürburgring Nordschleife available today. Spotlight cars and new events across the Career, Featured Multiplayer and Rivals will start later today from 4:00 PM PT (12:00 AM UTC on Thursday, February 15).

Below you will find a snapshot of the fixes and improvements in Update 5. Head on over to Forza Support to find the full release notes.

  • Players can now save Short Race replays. When racing against a full grid, Short races should save most replays; Medium races will not save full replays but will save up to 11 minutes. Work to improve replay save length is ongoing. [1655835]

  • Players are now presented with the option to Skip Practice in the Career mode pre-race menu. Furthermore, if the player previously completed Practice, the game creates a save point and gives the player additional options when returning to a series for replaying or skipping complete practice. [1635662]

  • Fixed an issue in Featured Multiplayer where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when attempting to change their Fuel and Tire setup at Grid Preview. [1611726]

  • Players are now prompted to save their livery if they attempt to exit the Livery Editor without saving. [1437864]

  • Added custom advanced zoom to the Livery Editor when applying decals to a car. [1621135]

  • On PC, we’ve made numerous under-the-hood improvements to reduce CPU spikes and better utilize the GPU, helping to improve framerate consistency while driving. [1536749, 1651623]

  • Fixed an issue causing custom wheel input layouts to reset to their default settings after relaunching the game with both a controller and steering wheel connected. [1593360]

New Track – Nordschleife

Get ready to tackle the exhilarating challenge of the Nürburgring Nordschleife! This iconic track isn’t just about its 20.8-kilometer length or its daunting twists and turns; it’s a testament to racing history.

Located in Nürburg, Germany, the Nordschleife is renowned for its challenging and unpredictable nature. Built in the 1920s, the track has over 170 corners, 300 meters of elevation changes and is famous for its long straights and the Karussell, a banked turn that gives the sensation of being in a giant bowl. Its production car lap record is held by the Mercedes-AMG ONE with a time of 6:35.183, with the overall lap record of 5:19.546 held by the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo.

Discover what makes this circuit an adrenaline-fueled crucible in Forza Motorsport, one which pushes drivers, manufacturers and cars to their limits. Experience the legendary Nordschleife and the combined GP Full Circuit in Career Mode and Rivals Time Attack or create your own track days in Free Play and Private Multiplayer.

We can’t wait for you to experience the Nordschleife in Forza Motorsport! Looking ahead, Update 6 coming next month will introduce the changes to car progression we spoke about last week and other improvements based on community feedback, as well as Spotlight cars and events. We also wanted to let you know that Update 6 will not include a track, and our next track release is scheduled for Update 7, expected to be available in April.

Spotlight Cars – Update 5

Spotlight cars are featured in the Showroom every week, available for you to acquire with a 30% discount using in-game credits. These cars can be used in the new Ringer Tour, as well as Spotlight Series events in Featured Multiplayer and Rivals.

Forza Motorsport VIP Members will also get an exclusive 15% discount on the 2010 BMW M3 GTS in the Showroom for a limited time.

Car Pass – Update 5

Here is your Forza Motorsport Car Pass calendar for the next 4 weeks:

Car Pass includes 30 new-to-Motorsport cars with one released every week until Car Pass is complete. Get Car Pass today in the Forza Motorsport Deluxe and Premium Editions.

New Career Tour – Ringer Tour

German engineering is at the heart of the Ringer Tour, the new limited-time Featured Tour available in the Career as part of Update 5.

In the Ringer Tour, discover the acclaimed performance divisions of German manufacturers and race some of their most renowned and modern cars in epic showdowns, including the cutting-edge, high-performance machines of BMW M, Audi Sport, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche 911.

Similar to previous Featured Tours, Series within the Ringer Tour do not have to be completed in a particular week – you have until March 28, 2024, to finish this latest Featured Tour. Spotlight cars are available at a discount for the week during which they are featured.

Complete all 4 series to unlock the 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS – an ideal contender for the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

New Open Tour – German Automotive

With each update to Forza Motorsport, the Open Tour gets refreshed with new events and a new reward car.

Open Tour is where you can continue the journey of your favorite cars. Cars that you’ve already built in a different Builders Cup series can be further levelled up and upgraded in the Open Tour.

In Update 5, the Open Tour is all about German marquees, including manufacturers who have who’ve left their mark on the Nordschleife. Build your favorite cars, no matter their country of origin, and bring them to the track to race Drivatars who will be behind the wheel of some of Germany’s finest examples of automotive engineering.

All 4 refreshed Open Tour series (D, C, B, A) will be available on February 15. Complete all 4 series before March 14, 2024, to add the 1974 Porsche #1 911 RSR to your collection.

Here’s a look at your Featured Multiplayer calendar of upcoming events for Update 5:

*Grand Prix Rivals – February 14-21

Race with iconic formula car designs piloted by motorsport legends in the late 1980s and 90s.

*Mustang Shelby GT500 Spec Series – February 21-28

Master every track in this Spec Series featuring the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Experience its relentless engine power, advanced suspension and robust brakes!

*GTX Sportscar Series – February 28 – March 6

From the late 70s to early 90s, the Grand Touring Experimental class transformed beloved street models into turbocharged track legends.

*Forza Proto-H Series – March 6-13

Experience superior aerodynamics and incredible horsepower in some of the most thrilling and advanced racecars in the world.

*all dates/times are 4pm PST on date listed or 12am UTC on following date.

Set your fastest lap times across several thrilling new Rivals events in Forza Motorsport Update 5. To celebrate the arrival of the Nordschleife, the latest Featured Rivals challenges you to master the twists and turns of the Nordschleife behind the wheel of the 1979 #6 BMW Motorsport M1 Procar.

Calling all VIP Members! Test your skills in the Body Builder VIP Rivals event featuring the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Forza Edition on the Mugello Club Circuit.

The Logitech McLaren G Challenge has reached its final stage. Enter the Bonus Stage to earn a special in-game Driver Suit rewarded for your participation. How fast can you lap the Hakone Club Circuit in a 1997 McLaren F1 GT? Don’t forget to sign up at Discord.gg/LogitechG to qualify for prizes, including a chance to win a VIP racing experience with McLaren!

Here’s the Forza Motorsport Rivals calendar for Update 5:

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