Halo The Series Season 2 Interview: “The Stakes are High – This Is a War Story”

“We have some great new characters,” Wolfkill enthuses. “We have Colonel James Ackerson – who is from [the original series’] canon – played by Joseph Morgan, who’s extraordinary. What’s exciting about bringing Ackerson in is it’s a character we get to see in books and in comics, and has always been sort of a shadowy foil for [Cortana creator Catherine] Halsey… It lets us sort of dig into that in a way that we don’t actually experience in the games.

“And then we also introduce a character named Corporal Perez, played by Cristina Rodlo – who we see early in Episode One is a Marine – getting back to that Marine perspective and, again, how terrifying it is to see an Elite or Sangheili for the first time and encounter them in battle. There’s, there’s sort of a horror aspect to that.”

It all adds up to make Season 2 of Halo The Series a very exciting prospect – a storyline that helps push forward an intriguing tale for those already invested in the show, and a new reflection of events from the games already firmly in the hearts of millions of Halo fans. You can start that journey right now by streaming the first two episodes of Season 2 on Paramount+ today, with new episodes coming weekly.

To celebrate the release of Halo The Series Season 2, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now claim a 30-day trial to Paramount+.

This interview has been edited for context and clarity. It was conducted by Malik Prince.

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