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Hawked Is the Comic Book Adventure-Shooter You’ve Been Hunting For

Calling all Renegades! Xbox players can embark on the ultimate treasure hunt in Hawked, a brand-new online extraction shooter launching tomorrow, February 15 on Xbox Series X|S. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or looking to squad up with a buddy or two, a brave new world of daredevil escapades, exploration, and thrilling PvP and PvE combat awaits you on X-Isle.

If you’re ready to heed adventure’s call, here’s an overview of everything you should know before finding your fortune in Hawked.

Write Your Renegade Origin Story

Hawked Screenshot

A rich tapestry of our favorite comic books and pulp adventures inspired Hawked‘s art style and narrative. The game’s story unfolds in Issues, seasonal chapters released quarterly chronicling the exploits of treasure-hunting mercenaries known as Renegades. Issues will introduce new questlines, rewards, events, weapons, gear, and treasures to hunt, all while driving the story to weird and wonderful new places.

In Issue #1: Renegades, the adventurers guild GRAIL sets its sights on an uncharted world called X-Isle. This verdant paradise was once home to a lost civilization whose temples, ruins, and treasures still cover it. GRAIL is particularly interested in the treasure part… but there’s a snag. A monstrous faction called the Disciples have also made their way to X-Isle in pursuit of this treasure, and they’re proving to be a bit of a thorn in GRAIL’s side. That’s where you come in!

Together with a vibrant cast of rogues and rapscallions, embark on quests as you battle Disciples and rival Renegades, undertake daring heists to reclaim ancient treasures, and safely extract your hard-earned loot. Your Renegade legend is about to be written, and it’ll only get wilder from here on out!

Explore the Mysterious World of X-Isle

Hawked Screenshot

X-Isle is the kind of place you see on postcards. Gorgeous views. Tropical jungles. Beautiful beaches. Reptilian monsters. Well, maybe it’s not quite picture-perfect.

This newly discovered world is indeed beautiful, but it’s crawling with hostile enemies and dangerous locations. The good news is you’re equipped with exploration gear, standard issue courtesy of GRAIL. Your trusty Traverser is a multitool you can use to whack Disciples, ascend and descend cliffs, cross ravines, ride ziplines, or get out of a tough spot. If you want to make use of X-Isle’s plentiful waterways (and look cool in the process), your Hoverboard is the right tool for the job.

Discoveries await you on every adventure. As the story develops in limited-time events and Issues, the island will continue to grow and evolve, as will your relationship with GRAIL. Visit X-Isle often to see what’s new!

Extract Artifacts

Hawked Screenshot

You’ll find many treasures across your excursions, but you’re looking for the real deal: Artifacts. Complete encounters across X-Isle — such as puzzles, freeing helpful beasties from their prisons, and fighting off waves of Disciples — to obtain Glyphs. Once acquired, these mysterious symbols will grant you a temporary power-up for the duration of the match. Collecting five Glyphs will lead you to your prize.

Artifacts are locked safe and sound behind a Treasury Vault somewhere on X-Isle. Deadly traps and Disciple legions defend them, and the journey is treacherous, but it’s worth it. Solve the puzzle on the Treasury’s door to unlock it. Grab the Artifact and treasures within. Then get the hell out of there via Extraction Point — just stay frosty, as rival Renegades are itching to get their hands on your score.

Adapt Your Loadout for the Heist at Hand

Hawked Screenshot

A fully loaded arsenal of weapons and superpowered abilities is at your disposal. Scavenge shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles, grenades, and more from chests to stand a fighting chance as your heists heat up.

Turn the tide by adding Exo and Ward Gear to your Loadout, along with their super-powered attacks and abilities. Take the Infernat Lantern, for example — it can unleash a fiery swarm to hunt down and inflict burns on enemies. Backed against the wall? Deploy Gelatinum to put a jelly wall between you and your opponents to slow them and their projectiles right down. Add new Gear to your Loadout via the menu before every treasure hunt to experiment with new tricks.

Your looted Artifacts can also be incorporated into your Loadout to get game-changing new powers, be it a speed boost, reduced cooldowns, health regeneration, or other useful effects.

Customize your Renegade

Hawked Screenshot

Unlock a massive suite of customization options. Switch up your Renegade’s look with full-body Avatars, Outfits, new Color Schemes for your clothes, striking Weapon Skins, new wraps for your Gear, and lovely sets of decorations for your Quarters. You can also express yourself mid-hunt with Emotes!

One of the best ways to unlock new cosmetics is via the Renegade Pass. Its Free and Premium tracks are themed to each Issue, with the Renegade Pass #1 available to start at launch. Tackle quests to progress your Pass and unlock more than 60 exclusive rewards. Complete the blazing Aztec Spirit Avatar and its full collection of variants, earn the Reptile Slayer and Sky Captain Outfits, wield the Veteran’s Blade Exo Gear, and brandish the Jungle Gods Weapon Skin in Issue #1: Renegades! There’s even more to unlock, so level up and see how much loot you can score.

Ready to rock X-Isle to its core? Hawked will be available to play for free tomorrow, February 15 on Xbox Series X|S.

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Embark on the ultimate treasure hunt in HAWKED, a free-to-play online Extraction Shooter full of daring adventures, boundless exploration, and all-out PvPvE action in pursuit of ancient treasures. Adventure through a mysterious world where roguish Renegades battle monsters — and each other — to reclaim powerful relics from a lost civilization. Time to flip the page on your Renegade origin story! OUTFOX & OUTGUN! Play solo or team up in 2- or 3-player squads. Fight monsters and rival Renegades in explosive PvPvE combat. Switch up your loadout for the heist at hand with powerful weapons and superpowered abilities. EXPLORE AN UNCHARTED WORLD! Traverse X-Isle, a world lush with verdant vistas, dense jungles, gorgeous beaches, and ancient ruins to raid. Use your Traverser and Hoverboard to get around while dodging traps and enemies! RECLAIM ANCIENT TREASURES! Solve puzzles to collect Glyphs, unlock the Treasury, and claim the Artifact. Get it to an Extraction Point to cash out and upgrade it — wield extracted Artifacts to unlock new powers! BECOME A RENEGADE! Experiment with different playstyles by combining weapons, Gear, Artifacts, and Boosters in your loadout. You can also change your look with hundreds of customization options like Outfits, Weapon Skins, and more! FIND FORTUNE IN AN EPIC, EVOLVING ADVENTURE! Join the adventurers guild GRAIL, complete quests to unlock exclusive rewards, and witness X-Isle change and evolve as new threats rise, alliances shift, and adventure calls. FORTUNE FAVORS THE BAD

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