How Throne and Liberty is Becoming the Console MMORPG for Everybody

These unique morph abilities tap into the lore of Throne and Liberty, which takes place in the fantasy world of Solisium, a land where fragments of the Sealstone that held the Goddess of Destruction, Sylaveth, have scattered across the world. These fragments have created a great deal of conflict not only because of their value, but their ability to develop powers in those who can collect them. This is where you and your friends come in; working to get your hands on these unique resources, embarking on a grand adventure across the land of Solisium, battling unique monsters, and taking on other rival players across this massive, free-to-play online world.

As I mentioned earlier, trying to bring this massive experience into a controller is a monumental task. I did stumble a bit initially on getting my head around the wealth of options available to me at my fingertips. But as my session continued, I found it fluid and natural. And although I only played for just under an hour, I could see myself getting used to this configuration if given more time with it. This is an area that NCSoft remains committed to, iterating on what is typically a heavy keyboard and mouse experience for a controller-friendly game.

“We’ve made several alterations to how the controller handles – button mappings, targeting, and movement are the three most critical elements we’ve been continuously iterating on over the past 12 months to really nail what’s needed for this type of combat,” Lafuente explains. “We’re very proud of the progress we’ve made, and our latest tests have shown that players are saying the gameplay feels natural. I’ve even found myself wondering if I should make the switch to playing Throne and Liberty from the couch on a controller from now on.”

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