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How to Make the Most of Cyberpunk 2077 During Xbox Free Play Days for All


  • A free trial of Cyberpunk 2077 is available on Xbox Series X|S as part of Xbox Free Play Days For All.
  • Players can experience the first five hours of the action-adventure RPG from March 28 to April 1.
  • From high-stakes heists and high-octane shoot outs to street vendors, cyberpsychos, and more, Night City has a lot to offer newcomers.

At CD Projekt Red, we’re excited to give Xbox players a chance to discover Cyberpunk 2077 for free as part of Xbox Free Play Days For All! Starting tomorrow at 4pm CET, all Xbox players can hop into Night City and explore everything it has to offer. But with only five hours to spend in the city of dreams, I rounded up some tips and tricks to make the ascent to legendary merc that much smoother.

Upgrade Your Tools

In order to keep your weapons in top shape, dismantle any items or clothing you need for components (don’t worry, the clothes will be added to your wardrobe even if you scrap them for parts). These components can then be used to upgrade all of your Iconic weapons — all you need to do is navigate to the Crafting menu within your Inventory, and you’ll see how many components you need. When it comes to non-Iconics, keep an eye out for the guns that enemies drop. Their tier will grow alongside your own progress.

The same rule applies for cyberware: dismantling everything will also help with ensuring you can upgrade your chrome at the ripperdoc. Although you receive some basic pieces at the start of the game, I’d recommend first investing money into higher-tier cyberware and only then upgrading — especially when it comes to your skeleton, which will help mitigate damage. Another great piece of cyberware is Fortified Ankles or Reinforced Tendons, which let you make the most of Night City’s verticality with a charged jump or double jump.

Cyberpunk 2077 Asset

Familiarize Yourself With the Skill Tree

Cyberpunk 2077’s perks received a major overhaul as part of Update 2.0 — available on Xbox Series X|S — making it easier than ever to create unique and impactful builds. Take a look through the perks available in each skill tree to get a sense of where you should invest your points. Even in the early game, there are plenty of opportunities to level up and test out great perks.

If you’re interested in netrunning, it’s best to invest heavily in the Intelligence tree; for stealth, the Cool tree is a must, while anyone interested in melee will find a wealth of great perks in the Body tree. Feel free to mix and match, or go all in on one specific tree! If you want to plan your approach ahead of time, I’d recommend spending some time in the Cyberpunk 2077 Build Planner to get a sense of what you can choose.

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Decrypt Everything

In both the main story and side quests, you’ll come across optional chances to hack into terminals or decrypt shards. At the beginning, the hacking minigame, or Breach Protocol, can be trickier to nail because of the smaller margin of error. This means planning all your moves before you start is key — you’ll also have various sequences that you have to complete, but it’s not always possible to do all of them in one go. Decide which payoff you want to go for (which sometimes means the amount of eurodollars you’ll receive, or the level of decryption you’ll achieve). Be careful: Breach Protocol is a timed event, meaning that once you lock in your first move, you’ll only have so long to complete the whole sequence.

(Don’t) Fight the Law

As an up-and-coming merc (heavy emphasis on the “up-and-coming”), you might not be ready to tussle with trigger-happy law enforcement at this stage. Not to mention, the more you hit back, the more reinforcements the police call in, and the more intense their countermeasures become. Wreaking too much havoc can see you flagged as a cyberpsycho and facing down the NCPD’s apex predators: MaxTac. This new addition to the police department is available as part of Update 2.0, accessible on Series X|S. In any case, be sure to watch how many stars you’ve received in the top right corner and duck into a safe alley if need be.

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Meet Watson’s Resident Fixer

Each district in Night City has a fixer that rules the area, pulling in mercenaries for gigs and rewarding them appropriately. In Watson, Regina is the one to give you a call and introduce herself. You’ll meet her quite early in your story, and she’ll send a few potential gigs your way — on top of that, she’s got quite a unique proposition for dealing with the wave of cyberpsychosis hitting the city. If you’re looking to get a sample of the gigs and fights that Cyberpunk 2077 has in store for you, it may be worth hearing her out. However, fixers can be a particular bunch, and they’re not always happy with a merc zeroing everyone in the vicinity. Which brings me to my next point:

Learn How to Deal Non-Lethal Damage

There are a few quests where taking out your marks may not be the best option. In those situations, there are two main ways to handle that: equipping the non-lethal Pax mod on your gun, or whipping out a baseball bat or similar blunt weapon. (Of course, you could always ignore your non-lethal orders and go in for the kill, but this will affect your payout.) All blunt non-lethal melee weapons are marked as such, and the Pax mod can be picked up during your normal gigs or purchased from a weapons dealer. However, Pax is permanent, so it’s best to pick a gun you don’t mind defanging. And don’t get too trigger-happy: hitting someone who’s already unconscious will also zero them.

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Arm Yourself (With Knowledge)

Our team at CDPR has prepared plenty of guides to make your experience as fun as possible! Check out our Ultimate Edition Game Booklet for build inspiration, insight into characters, dev interviews, and more. You’ll have everything you need to make the most out of Cyberpunk 2077 during Xbox Free Play Days For All — and you’ll be ruling the streets of Night City in no time.

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