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No Man’s Sky Orbital Update Introduces Space Station Overhaul, Ship Customization, and More


  • No Man’s Sky free Orbital Update available to download today.
  • Space stations are now vast and varied in the all-new Orbital update for No Man’s Sky.
  • No Man’s Sky players on Xbox can now customize their starships.

Last month, all Xbox owners were able to try No Man’s Sky’s free Omega expedition whether they owned No Man’s Sky or not. We were thrilled to welcome so many new Travellers into our friendly community. This month, we’re excited to show all those new players what veteran players have come to expect by way of regular updates as we unveil the Orbital update, free for existing owners to download today.

Orbital focusses on an area of the game which has remained largely unchanged since No Man’s Sky launched on Xbox five years ago. It’s an aspect which every player encounters almost every time they embark on a new adventure – the ever-present space stations!

No Man's Sky Orbital Update Image Asset

Space stations have always been a vibrant and much-frequented feature of every No Man’s Sky star system and are a bustling destination for trade, equipment upgrades, missions, fast travel around the universe and endearing yourself to the locals.

The first thing to strike you about these news stations is their vastness. They loom ever larger upon your starship as you approach the docking entrance. Secondly, their procedurally-generated exteriors mean that you rarely encounter the same form twice. Upon initiating the docking sequence, the large, cavernous landing strip you traverse hints towards a much larger interior than previous, again with a wide variety of layouts.

No Man's Sky Orbital Update Image Asset

One of the new additions to the space station map which Travellers will no doubt race towards is the Ship Fabricator. For a while now, players have dreamed of the ability to create their own starships in their dream configuration. This new function enables you to combine parts of salvaged ships together in a near-limitless array of permutations to create brand new form factors. You may still need to scour the universe for that perfect S-Class though!

The envoys from the three universe guilds – Merchant, Mercenary, Explorer – frequent the new space stations and it’s always worth paying them a visit. Your standing with the guilds can be increased with donations of interesting artefacts from your travels, and a higher standing unlocks ever-higher gifts, cheap supplies and discounts, anything from free ammo and fuel to powerful equipment upgrades.

No Man's Sky Orbital Update Image Asset

Orbital also ushers in the concept of “Intervention Events” as part of freighter expeditions. Frigates that you have dispatched to the far-flung corners of the universe on lucrative missions can now call upon further instruction mid-voyage or even ask you to come to where they are to assist them in their objective.

As with all No Man’s Sky free updates, Orbital features a whole host of other additions and improvements, large and small. It is available to download from today, free for all existing Xbox and Game Pass owners. Our journey continues.

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