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Take On the Mirror Borg in Star Trek Online: Both Worlds, Out On Xbox Today

“We are the Borg. Resistance is Futile.” These seven words, first uttered in 1989, forever cause chills to run down our spines as Star Trek fans. The Borg are an implacable, unstoppable foe, one who has menaced the characters of many Star Trek shows for decades. Now, Star Trek Online has unleashed a new version of those Borg, one far fiercer than ever before.

It’s well known to Star Trek fans that there is another universe, called the Mirror Universe, where everything seems backwards. Good people are unrepentant villains, and the world is dark and cruel. Everything in the Prime Star Trek Universe exists there, but we’ve never seen the Mirror Universe’s version of the Borg, until now. Blasting through a portal into our world, these Mirror Borg are more advanced and far more aggressive than the Borg we know. Resistance, they say, will be annihilated.

Now, teaming up with Captain Harry Kim and Captain Ezri Dax (both portrayed by their original actors, Garrett Wang and Nicole de Boer), your Captain must stop these Borg before they can take a foothold in our universe. If you fail, everything will die.

Star Trek Online has long been known as the place to go for continuation of classic Star Trek stories. From the Bluegills, to the Tzenkethi, to the Voth, Star Trek Online has taken threads that were cut for time from the original Trek shows and developed them into full blown stories. For the past year, players have been battling the Mirror versions of Captain Janeway and Admiral Leeta, but as that conflict resolved, the Mirror Borg came through to wreck our hopes of peace.

In the newest release, Star Trek Online: Both Worlds, players will take the fight to the Mirror Borg as they attempt to place a beach head in our universe. Battle them in a new story mission, including facing their mysterious leader, the Borg King. And for fans of the classic Borg, you can replay one of the most defining moments of Star Trek’s history, the Battle of Wolf 359, in a brand new Task Force Operation.

The developers of Star Trek Online are huge Star Trek fans, and they relish the opportunity to expand the canon. The Mirror Borg are a unique opportunity to tweak a foe that is very familiar for Star Trek Online fans. The original Borg were one of the very first enemies brought in to Star Trek Online nearly fifteen years ago, and as the player Captains’ powers have grown, this once terrifying threat has been reduced to much less of a challenge. The Mirror Borg bring the Borg back to their roots, once again causing nightmares to reverberate through the Star Trek Universe.

Should you choose to face these new Borg, do it with caution, and get ready to modulate your frequencies. We’ll see you out there in the Final Frontier. Star Trek Online: Both Worlds is available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One today.

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