Top Five Beginner Tips and Tricks for Underwater Soulslike, Another Crab’s Treasure


  • Here’s five top tips and tricks to help if Another Crab’s Treasure is your first soulslike.
  • A look into a beginner friendly soulslike, where you’re also a hermit crab.
  • Another Crab’s Treasure is available now for Xbox Series X|S on the Xbox Store and also with Xbox Game Pass.

Another Crab’s Treasure, the aquatic soulslike where you play as a trash-wearing hermit crab is available now with Xbox Game Pass! Embark on an epic adventure set in a crumbling underwater world after Kril’s shell is repossessed.

If you’re new to the soulslike genre, Another Crab’s Treasure is a welcoming introduction. With built-in assist options, you can adjust to your play style. Speaking of these options, I’ve created a list of my top five tips and tricks for those new soulslike players who might need some advice – Let’s dive in!

Your Shell is your Best Friend 

I mean duh, you’re a hermit crab. Your shell is the only thing standing between you and some seriously deadly enemies along your journey. A pristine shell is the sign of a coward! Don’t be afraid to get it beat up. If it breaks, there’s (unfortunately) plenty of new trash to replace it scattered all over the ocean. You take a lot of damage when you’re not in your shell, so blocking and parrying is gonna save you more than once.

ACT screenshot

Not only are shells great for defense, all wearable trash comes with a Shell Spell, powered by the ocean’s magic. Use a tin can to shock that sardine, or maybe a party popper to shoot some confetti in that lobster’s face!

Don’t be Afraid to Come Back Later When you’re Stronger

The ocean is a big place. If you find you’re stuck on a boss fight with no progress, you might need to take the L and level up some more! Find some nearby enemies, explore the ocean for items, argue with the locals and come back later. You’ll be surprised at the difference when you return. Remember, the game is meant to be difficult – don’t get discouraged by repeated losses!

You Don’t Need to Fight Every Enemy

For one, you might find yourself battling for longer than you’d like to. Secondly, enemies respawn. There’s plenty to go around and some just aren’t worth your time! Or maybe they are, depending how much you like to spear tackle crabs all day long. I won’t judge you for it. Okay maybe a little. But just like in classic soulslikes, you’ll be surprised by how many fights you can avoid entirely if you’re careful or quick.

Mix up your Playstyle

There’s almost always more than one way to approach a fight. If your current loadout isn’t working against an enemy, it could be that you just haven’t figured out their trick yet. Try using different Shell Spells or Adaptations, or equipping some different Stowaways – little creatures that attach to your shell and affect your combat ability in all sorts of ways.

Additionally, you might find a Shark Egg along your journey. These offer a rebirth of sorts, as using one lets you re-spec your stats or skills at the respective shop. If that unga bunga warrior build isn’t working out, try a magic-focused build instead!

If you’re Just Not a Glutton for Punishment – Try out our Assist Options

In Another Crab’s Treasure, you might come to find out that soulslike games aren’t for you due to the difficulty alone – that’s okay! Within the settings menu, you can find the assist mode. From here, you can toggle gameplay settings such as extra shell durability and reducing enemy health. Still too hard? Don’t worry, that’s why you can give Kril a gun. No really, you can totally do that. It’s a one-hit kill and looks as goofy as it sounds.

On top of this, whether you choose to use assist options or not, players will still have access to gaining all achievements! We welcome you to play at your own pace, with no restrictions. If the game’s difficulty is harming your fun, feel free to turn some of these options to make things a bit easier. It’s there for a reason!

For players who are still looking for a challenge, we’ve made sure that the default game will pack a punch. Or a pinch. There’s too many crab puns to count at this point. But no matter your play style, Another Crab’s Treasure is sure to find a permanent place in your heart, just like all the microplastics inside of you!

Well? Are you ready to take the plunge?

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Xbox Game Pass

As Kril the hermit crab, you’ll need to wear the trash around you as shells to withstand attacks from enemies many times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to buy back your repossessed shell, and discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean. TRASH OR TREASURE?
In this undersea society, trash is not only a way of life, but a valuable resource, used for everything from fashion to firearms. But with the presence of trash comes a mysterious infection known as the Gunk, which could spell doom for the entire ocean. LEARN FROM NATURE
As Kril explores the ocean, he’ll gain a variety of Umami Techniques—powerful attacks learned from the denizens of the seas. Punch your enemies with the overwhelming might of a Mantis Shrimp, ensnare them with the horrifying Bobbit Worm, and much more. UNEXPLORED DEPTHS
The ocean goes deeper than one can imagine. Fight your way through kelp forests, coral reefs, sand castle cities, and even the unfathomable darkness of the deep-sea trenches, all in the name of getting back your prized shell. PLAY AT YOUR OWN PACE
Designed to be an approachable experience for newer soulslike players as well as provide a challenge for hardcore fans, Another Crab’s Treasure offers something for any level of skill or time commitment. Assist options are provided for those seeking a less frustrating experience, and gluttons for punishment can use those same options to make the game even harder.

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