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Unables is Available Now on Xbox

  • Throw everyone and everything around.
  • Quirky humor in a physics-bending universe.
  • Twist the surroundings to get things done your own way.

Unleash Your Inner Puppet Master in Unables!

Do you crave a world where the laws of physics bend to your will and the results are laugh-out-loud funny? Just try Unables, the physics-based puzzle game that throws traditional controls out the window!

Unables Let's Go

Unables is full of awfully lazy characters. These lethargic souls are simply unwilling to exert even the slightest effort. Shoelaces remain untied, dishes pile up eternally, and even escaping prison seems like an insurmountable task. But fear not, that’s where you step in.

Since controlling the characters directly is out of the question, Unables flips the script entirely. You take charge of the environment itself! Using innovative gameplay mechanics, you manipulate the surroundings, tilt the playing field, and unleash a series of wacky contraptions to nudge, push, and propel the hapless characters toward their objectives. 

Unables screenshot

Unables offers a delightfully diverse world to explore. Across 15 unique maps, you’ll encounter a variety of settings, each brimming with humor and personality. Ever dreamed of orchestrating a prison break without a single pickaxe swung? Or perhaps a zero-gravity space adventure where the biggest threat is your own inertia? Unables throws you into these scenarios and many more, challenging you to solve puzzles and complete objectives before the clock runs out.

Unables isn’t just about physics-based mayhem, it’s also a laugh riot! The game is infused with a quirky sense of humor that unfolds through witty dialogue, hilarious situations, and the sheer absurdity of its core concept. Visually, Unables stuns with a vibrant and eye-catching cartoon art style that perfectly complements its lighthearted tone.

Beyond the core gameplay, Unables offers a wealth of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Each level is packed with clever Easter eggs for eagle-eyed players.  As you progress, you’ll unlock a collection of peculiar new levels, each one introducing fresh challenges and gameplay twists. And if that’s not enough, the game is filled with unlockables and unexpected surprises that we won’t spoil here – just be prepared for the delightful chaos!

Unables is a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. It’s a game that embraces silliness, celebrates the power of physics, and rewards your creativity. So, if you’re ready to unleash your inner puppet master and experience side-splitting laughs along the way, Unables is the perfect game for you!

Xbox Live


Forever Entertainment S. A.

$12.99 $11.69

UNABLES is all about physics, puzzles and comedy. Welcome to a world where characters are so lazy, that even the player is unable to control them. Take matters into your own hands by controlling the environment instead, with the innovative gameplay mechanics! THROW EVERYONE AROUND! The game comes equipped with a 360-degree, slow-motion precision controls to sway, spin, push, shove and catapult everything and everyone on screen. No outlaw, zombie, or procrastinating vampire is safe anymore. Use physics to solve puzzles, complete quests, unlock peculiar levels, and reveal all the secrets!

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