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Unicorn Overlord: Vanillaware’s Compellingly Unique Xbox Debut

You play as Alain, a young leader of a resistance movement that aims to overthrow the tyrannical Zenoiran empire that has enslaved the world. Along the way, you will recruit so many allies from different races and classes, each with different strengths, aversions, and their own reasons for fighting. You’re literally reclaiming the whole world, hearts and minds included, one patch of ground at a time – coloring in a map using your weapons instead of paints.

The real fun is in how these systems mesh together; as your army swells, so do your options to wage war with the empire. Things start simple and approachably, with players commanding a few teams of two around small maps. As you build your renown through victory, you’ll be able to field as many as 10 teams of 5 characters at once, all playing different roles on the battlefield. Hulking Hoplites hold down chokepoints with massive shields in hand. Flying units, such as Gryphon Knights, soar over obstacles to press an advantage, while ranged Hunters and Witches can take over towers to help those on the ground gain an advantage with combat assists.

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