Whip it Good! Breaking Down Weapons Included in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition


  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition is available on February 6 at 5pm PT
  • Complete Edition features all content from the three DLC packs and collaboration DLCs
  • Three game-changing weapons are available: Cestus, Whip, Long Sword

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition is available for download on February 6, transporting gamers into a dark Three Kingdoms world infested with demons. The Complete Edition comes packed with all of the new weapon types, divine beasts, bosses, story chapters, and end game content included in the three DLC packs plus the collaboration DLCs.

However, it’s the three new weapon types – cestus, long sword, and whip – that really flex the game’s muscles, offering distinct new ways to play the game as you fight for every last breath.

Here’s a breakdown of how to use each new weapon type…


Time to beat down demons with your bare hands! Aggressive attacks enable you to quickly combo punches and kicks while also preparing to deflect at any moment due to the speed of animations. Watch out, though, the lack of range can be a problem against certain enemies, so team cestus with Wizardry Spells like fireballs in order to have the best of both worlds.

While cestus is equipped, you can actually increase your Spirit by up to three levels, with each level granting certain positive effects:

  • Level 1: Increases attack damage dealt to enemies
  • Level 2: Reduces Martial Arts and Wizardry Spell Spirit consumption
  • Level 3: Decreases the damage taken from enemy attacks

To top it off, when you are fighting in High Spirits, using Martial Arts, Spirit attacks, or Fatal Strikes will actually grant you a positive effect that increases the amount of Spirit you obtain. When you perform a Spirit attack, the surplus Spirit from your current level will be consumed. You will also lose any Spirit gained from Level 3 if you switch to a weapon other than cestuses.

Master’s Tip: Learn to take advantage of the different levels of Spirit when fighting with cestus. Depending on the enemy, use the different positive effects during battle appropriately.

Long Sword

The long sword is a great weapon thanks to its ability to charge before strikes. That’s right, using this extended blade enables you to actually charge and accumulate energy as you hold down either X or Y to perform normal attacks or Spirit Attacks. The longer you hold the button, the more powerful the charged attack will become, with each button unleashing two phases of strikes. With a longer accumulation period enabling a more powerful attack with different animations and sound cues to help clue you in to whether you’re using a phase 1 or phase 2 attack.

Building up power directly after Spirit attacks, Martial Arts, or successful deflects will shorten the time it takes to accumulate power. In fact, moving while accumulating energy will also allow you to quickly dodge in that direction. It is even possible to deflect enemy attacks at the beginning of the dodge sequence and doing so successfully will instantly boost your energy level to the maximum level. This enables you to launch a powerful counter attack while breaking the enemy’s stance.

Master’s Tip: Learn when to charge your sword with your Spirit attack (Y button) – even during a mid-combo string – so that you can either land a strong blow or move away mid charge to deflect and instantly charge your final attack.


When first trying out the whip, just know, this weapon has the biggest risk/reward factor of any item in Wo Long. You’ll want to first build up your Spirit Meter as much as you can before taking on the deadlier demons, but once you’re ready to rumble, activate Frenzy mode by pressing Y while guarding. Here’s the reward, as your whip attacks in Frenzy mode, combine the whip with Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells to overwhelm opponents with a series of strikes. This combination of attacks makes the whip one of the best (and most fun) long-range weapons in the game to take out hordes of monsters.  You will even deal damage to surrounding enemies upon successfully deflecting an attack.

But here comes the risk. In Frenzy mode, your attacks will be more powerful, but you will not be able to recover Spirit, and each of your attacks will also consume Spirit. Additionally, Frenzy mode will be automatically deactivated when you are staggered, such as when you are inflicted with a status effect or Spirit Disruption, leaving you open to taking on huge damage, or possibly even leading to your demise.

Master’s Tip: When using Frenzy mode, as Spirit gets low, switch over to a different weapon using deflect counterattack (RB + B). This will smoothly transition you to your secondary weapon while also deflecting. And while this will take you out of Frenzy mode, since you are now using another weapon, it will also give you the opportunity to build up Spirit quickly again before switching back to the whip to once again find yourself in a Frenzy.

Think you have what it takes to defeat the demons of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition? Download the game when it launches on February 6.

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