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Xbox Partner Preview – The Sinking City 2 Has Mutated Into a Full-Blown Horror Game 

“As for the detective work, it’s still there but now through a revamped system that makes it all optional. Players can now choose to investigate clues, knowing that in return they may get info that helps them progress differently. For example, engaging in some additional sleuthing may yield information on how to weaken a formidable boss or help you discover an alternate route that you had no idea about. You could, of course, progress without this knowledge, but it will be potentially easier or more engrossing to do so based on info you’ve deduced.” 

It’s a major shift, and clearly one that Frogwares has put a great deal of thought into – but it’s also been a passion project that’s had to be created slowly, through some incredibly difficult real-life circumstances, given the studio’s roots in Ukraine. 

“We’ve never shared this before, but we were in the early stages of pre-production on The Sinking City 2 when the war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022,” says Oganesyan. “This forced us to put all that work indefinitely on hold. Now that we know what we are capable of handling, have adapted to the situation as best as we can, and taken all the measures to ensure the stable workflow of our studio, we felt it was time to start up The Sinking City 2 again.” 

[This article originally appeared on Xbox Wire]

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