Write for GIZORAMA

GIZORAMA’s looking to fill the following open spots, requirements & things we’re looking for in both positions are below:

News Editor

  • Live and bleed gaming news. Let it be mobile, JRPG, or that new yearly Call of Duty tidbit, we want it all.
  • A strong editorial sense; the ability to filter out important news and package it beautifully
  • Basic experience with WordPress, HTML, social media, etc.


  • Reviewing experience is a HUGE plus. If possible we prefer someone who can already melt our hearts with their words without training, however we can train if need be.
  • Fast turnaround on reviews with the ability to hit deadlines (embargos usually last until the wee hours of morning, can you finish in time?!)
  • Access to different devices including gaming consoles, handhelds, mobile devices, etc. The more devices, the more games you’ll have to choose from.
  • Based in the United States or Europe (this is purely for region restrictions on media), we don’t mind if you live somewhere else but it’ll limit what games we’re able to send your way due to region locks.

GIZORAMA positions are volunteered and unpaid, however perks including free games & swag (we provide all assigned coverage material), free admission to numerous conventions and expos, and the chance of interviewing those you admire from the gaming community.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to be a part of the team, either e-mail us at: jobs[at]gizorama[dot]com or head to the contact page here and toss us a message. If you think you’re awesome, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’re perfect for the job. If you’d like to submit any previous work, please submit links or paste it at the bottom of the e-mail, attachments will be skipped!

We look forward to hearing from you.