Review Scoring

At GIZORAMA, we use a simple X.X/5 rating scale with .5 increments. You can find a little bit more about our grading scale below:

5 Stars:
A masterpiece. Games like this are rare, and really show off the medium’s power of providing a unique and immersive experience. Innovative, exciting, and polished to a mirror-sheen, we recommend this game to any and all gamers.

4 Stars – 4.5 Stars:
A great title that exceeds the standards we’ve come to expect from games. This is an impressive game, and you can safely assume that your money is well spent here. It is not without faults, but whatever cons lie within are far outweighed by the pros.

3 Stars – 3.5 Stars:
This title has fun in it, and is a solid experience. However, this game might fail to break genre norms or lack the wow factor of a nicer and more polished game. These games typically have more to like than to hate, but often the fun is marred by one or more nagging problems.

2 Stars – 2.5 Stars:
A game that fails to entertain in the traditional sense, but may have redeeming qualities. There’s fun here, but the good is not readily apparent past the bad. These are experiences that would be only for a very niche crowd at launch, but most should either keep walking or wait for the price to drop.

1 Star – 1.5 Stars:
This game is bad, hands down. These titles are bland, with little to justify a purchase at any but bottom-of-the-barrel prices. These games may have poor visuals, clunky gameplay, terrible sound, or are just plain broken.

0 Stars – 0.5 Stars:
Games that receive no little to no stars should be avoided at any price. These are games that are thrown together, sloppy, buggy, and just plain not fun. Games deserving of this rating are the worst of the worst, and are best forgotten.

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