Have a Spring Fling with Trove on Xbox One

Dear Trovians, a patch of green is now showing on the horizon: Spring has finally sprung in Trove!


But what is this? Our dear Qubesly is speaking in rhymes now. Maybe a little distraction will help him out, we are sure you have got a few tricks up your sleeves! Hurry to the hub and craft some explosive Spring Flingers to shower the Trovian landscape, from the serene sights of the Peacefull Hills to the sun-baked Geode Topside, with some flowery delights. If this bombastic surprise couldn’t cure our dear friend, how about some good old dancing and prancing? Show us your best moves. Shake it up and down and to the ground, because we bet he can’t resist that budded beat. If all of that didn’t hit the spot and brought the sun back into Qubesly’s life, we can only assume there are darker powers at work here. Perhaps this is also the fault of the Daughter of the Moon?


Try to fight off this evil curse and brighten Qubesly’s day by defeating some of the shadowy fiends in their hidden lair.To accompany you on this colorful quest and get you in a rosy mood, we thoughtfully prepared a brand new package: Some florid costumes, gaudy allies and a viridescent mount, as well as some other flamboyant equipment to make your journey through Trove even more fun. After all of your brave effort to help our little companion, how about a relaxing cruise along the shores of Treasure Isle or wherever you like, to rest your head a bit and enjoy the start of Spring.

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Xbox Live


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Trove – Going Green now live! Gardening is now bigger and better than ever. With new ways to craft, new plants to harvest, and new food to eat… It’s time to dig in!
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